Group interview with Walworth pupils

Five former Walworth pupils who were in the same class for five years shared their memories with Pat Kingwell and Pete Medway one evening in a classroom at Guy’s Hospital (handy for London Bridge station). They entered Walworth in 1962 as 1CL (Simon Clements) and ended up as 5H (Brenda Harvey), before going to work or into the sixth form. Their English teachers had been Mr Clements (1-1)and Miss Harvey (3-5).

1962-3 was 49 years ago and memories were thin until people started sparking off each other – then more was recalled than they’d expected. As a bonus one pupil who flew over from the United States to attend the event, Janet Midwinter, brought a pile of her exercise books and class magazines she had saved, and it emerged that other people had them in their mothers’ lofts etc – we’re eager to see them too. Feelings about Walworth and the two English teachers were warm, and for others, too, including Guy Rogers, the head. Friends from other schools can’t understand why they are still in touch with their teachers and care enough to meet to talk about the school; their stories made their reasons very clear.

From left to right: Mike Loizou, Geoff Cooper, Janet Midwinter, Ian Newman, Dennis Revell


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